Our Staff


Mr. Jeffrey Fenske



Jeffrey Fenske has been an elementary and middle school Teacher, Principal, and Curriculum Director in California and Iowa. In that time he has valued experiences in TK-8th school improvement through an emphasis on reading and mathematics teaching and learning.  

Upon receiving teaching and administrative services credentials in California, Jeffrey has provided school leadership and classroom instruction for Los Angeles Unified and Bakersfield City School Districts. Through Federal and State No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and SB 65 Student Outreach funding, Mr. Fenske has had the privilege to learn the importance of school culture, identification of academic needs and respect for interpersonal student, staff and community relationships. During this time of virtual learning, the Canvas Learning Platform incorporating common core state standards and essential online experiences are of significant interest.

Master's Degrees were received from California State Universities Bakersfield and Northridge while Doctoral study in progress through University of Utah and Grand Canyon University. Professional development and school funding/grants remain high interest areas of pursuit.

Jeffrey Fenske is thrilled for the opportunity to serve Peak to Peak Mountain Charter's teaching and learning priorities. Jeffrey has a son, Andrew, in undergraduate study while his daughter, Halie, begins Occupational Therapy (OT) graduate study in June at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions in Boston.

Mrs. Karin Willson

Office Manager


Karin has enjoyed working in the front office since 2017. She enjoys being there for the students and parents when they come into the office. Karin has worked in various accounting positions for 20 years and that experience made it easy for her to transition into the Office Manager position. Her favorite part of her job is seeing the kids come to school every day and watching them grow over the years.

Karin has lived in the Mountain Communities for 14 years. She has two daughters who attend Peak to Peak Mountain Charter. On the weekends her family loves to explore different areas of California.


Mrs. Shelly Shaw
TK & Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Shaw teaches both Traditional Kindergarten and Kindergarten, with a teaching philosophy deeply rooted in her passion for creativity, movement, and nature. Despite raising six children of her own, she pursued her dream of teaching and began her career in education as an instructional aide before transitioning to online teaching and a full-time teaching role for the past two years.

Her educational journey has been extensive, including earning an Associate's degree in Fashion Design from Ricks College, a Bachelor's degree in Theater Arts and Dance from California State University Los Angeles, and a degree in Medical Diagnostic Sonography from Platt College. Presently, she holds an Internship Credential and is diligently working towards obtaining her full Teaching Credential and Master's degree in Education at United State University.

Combining her creative background and love for movement with education, Mrs. Shaw fosters a learning environment where play is valued as a crucial tool for exploration and understanding. She believes in the power of Total Physical Response to enhance learning, integrating movement into her classroom activities to reinforce concepts and encourage active engagement. As a Gold Award Girl Scout and lover of all things nature, she embraces the outdoor environment and encourages students to immerse themselves in multi-sensory experiences, moving, touching, hearing, seeing, and even smelling as they learn. She believes that learning should be enjoyable and engaging, emphasizing the importance of instilling a love of learning in her students.

Mrs. Shaw aims to cultivate independence, communication skills, and acceptance, recognizing these qualities as essential for success in the world. Celebrations also hold a special place in Mrs. Shaw's teaching philosophy, as they provide valuable opportunities for students to learn about different cultures and the global world. Overall, Mrs. Shaw is dedicated to creating a dynamic and nurturing learning environment where students thrive academically and personally. She values the small class sizes and mixed-age groups at Peak to Peak because students can learn from each other amidst our wonderful natural setting, which reminds her of “The Little House on the Prairie.”

Mrs. Heather Chowdhury
1st & 2nd Grade Teacher
Blue Jays

Mrs. Chowdhury fosters a supportive environment and inspires a passion for learning at Peak to Peak. Currently serving as a 1st- and 2nd-grade teacher, she began her journey in public education in 2019, first as an instructional aide, before transitioning to full-time teaching roles. As a homeschooling parent for 16 years, she nurtured her own children's education until her youngest enrolled in 5th grade at Peak to Peak. 

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from Michigan State University and a teaching credential from CSU Fresno, Mrs. Chowdhury's teaching philosophy revolves around fostering strong teacher-student connections and creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment where every child feels valued and empowered. She cherishes the small class sizes and mixed-age groups at Peak to Peak, which facilitate personalized attention and meaningful connections. Mrs. Chowdhury believes in nurturing holistic development, encouraging critical thinking, and promoting social-emotional growth alongside academic success. She incorporates hands-on activities, project-based learning, and multicultural perspectives into the curriculum to inspire a love for learning and equip students with essential skills for thriving in an ever-changing world.

Beyond the classroom, Mrs. Chowdhury is passionate about outdoor activities and exploring the natural wonders of PMC with her family. This love for nature often finds its way into her teaching approach, fostering a sense of curiosity, and deep appreciation for the world around us.

Ms. Elaine Salmon
3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Teacher

Ms. Salmon has been a dedicated educator in the mountain community since 2009. She teaches third, fourth, and fifth graders at Peak to Peak, covering all subjects, with a primary focus on teaching life skills and good conduct. Living in PMC since 2008, she's deeply rooted in the community, with all her adult children graduating from Peak to Peak (P2P). Her husband, a retired police officer is well connected with the community through his safety page.

Elaine has spent over 15 years in education, though her background is in business. She's now pursuing her multi-subject teaching credentials. Once a basketball player in high school, Ms. Salmon enjoys cheering on her children in their collegiate games. Her love for animals is evident through her collection of water turtles, cats, Dachshund puppies, and Sulcata tortoises, some of which serve as class pets. A fan of yard sales, she often spends warm Saturday mornings hunting for treasures around town.

As a teacher, she believes in teaching life skills alongside academics and emphasizes hard work and community over excessive reliance on technology. Her favorite subject to teach is math, and she shares insights from her upbringing in the Philippines with her students through games and crafts. Ms. Salmon values the unique environment of P2P. She believes attending a school in the middle of the forest is a gift; something you can’t get anywhere else. She watched her children grow up knowing that the families around them will treat them like their own. She cherishes the sense of community and natural beauty that shapes resilient individuals.

Ms. Carla Christian
6th, 7th, 8th Grade Teacher

Ms. Christian joined Peak to Peak in 2023 after seven years of substitute teaching for the mountain community’s schools. She is excited to continue teaching the Falcons, grades 6-8.


Carla is currently working on her multi-subject teaching credential. She holds a BA from the University of Washington and an MSc from London School of Economics and Political Science. Her degrees are in Sociology, a subject Carla still finds fascinating and folds into her Falcon lesson plans whenever possible. She values teaching her students to be curious, to explore, and to wonder about the world around them.


Twelve years ago, Carla relocated from Connecticut to Pine Mountain Club to enjoy the fresh air, the forest, the small, tight-knit community, and all the other wonderful things Pine Mountain Club offers. 

Instructional Aides

Eva Navarro
Blue Jays

Eva Navarro is an instructional aide at Peak to Peak. Having lived on the mountain for 7 years, she has been with the school for 3 years now. Initially starting out as an aide in a first, second, and third-grade split classroom, she currently works in a first/second-grade split classroom. The subjects she assists with are Math and Language Arts. In addition to her classroom duties, she also supervises the playground and lends a hand in other classrooms or in the office when needed. Eva is currently pursuing a bachelor's in early education, aspiring that her contributions in the classroom will aid the children in becoming independent and successful as they progress in their education.

Liz Day

Ms Day has served as the Falcon’s Classroom Instructional Aide since 2022. In addition to this role, she actively engages in the school’s Student Leadership Council and leads classes in STEAM and Performing Arts Theater as part of the Bear Academy after-school program. She also assists with the Hummingbird’s Cub Academy after-school program and fulfills various other responsibilities around school.

With a significant portion of her career dedicated to Early Childhood Education (ECE), Liz has worked with children from Pre-K to Middle School. Before relocating to PMC in 2020, she served as the lead teacher for the Pre-K/Kinder Prep program at a preschool in SCV. Currently, Liz is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Development while nurturing her passion for teaching and working with students. She particularly enjoys helping 6–8th graders learn Math. Liz believes in connecting and developing rapport with children through a friendly approach, patient demeanor, good communication, intentionality, and setting clear expectations.  She loves the close-knit community at Peak to Peak, and values the opportunity to personally know each child—a rare privilege in many educational settings. She sees the close connections fostered in a smaller school as a significant advantage, cultivating strong bonds among students, staff, and families.